Conceived in 2012, the first demo was released in 2013 at Revision. It is currently comprised of a single developer, who has no music compositional sense whatsoever, from Washington state (USA).



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lasering dreams 2015.08.18

A new prod was released at Sundown 2015 that shows some of the process of making the key fobs I had brought with me. The demo isn't very long and is relatively simple.

Sundown 2015 Party Report 2015.08.12

Read it.

Laser cutting moved 2015.05.06

I haven't stopped laser cutting things. However I've moved resources about my activities to Please see that website if you're looking to contact me about doing something.

Pile of Nectarine key fobs SceneSat square key fob SceneSat rectangular key fob Pouet thing Revision key fob Self-designed test pattern with cuts, engraving, and etching

Laser cutting 2013.10.02

One of my hobbies is laser cutting. I make my own designs, though some things are borrowed, and have them cut out at a hackerspace.

I am quite happy to take on personal and scene-related projects. I have done key fobs for websites and demoparties, awards for competitions, and game pieces based on a client-provided design. I have access to 3mm, 5mm (limited), and 6mm thick plywood as well as a variety of acrylic (mostly 4.5mm thick).

I can create designs, if needed, but for more complex things it is easiest if you have a design ready, preferably in SVG. Provided designs may need to be tweaked to get a better result.

Costs can vary a lot by design so unfortunately I cannot provide anything concrete in this space. Be aware, however, the hackerspace where my work is done may not be the absolute low cost option as it not a factory. Regardless, I do try to achieve the best cost I can.

Finally, due to travel required to get to the hackerspace, I generally cannot do production runs from November through February. I am still available for everything else.

simulation is a tribute screenshot Pouet Unpacked source Live (Party ver.)

simulation is a tribute 2013.10.19

1k browser demo, again using 3D CSS, to "simulate" a bunch of falling "donuts". With barely enough room for it all after packing, careful work and magic incantations were required to get the most out of packing in to an image. Same as the last demo, it requires Firefox (16+) though the with addition of prefixes it could work in other browsers.

This is actually demo four, as two and three were started (but perhaps not enough to count) before this one. The demo was originally intended for release at @party but my video card died before I got far enough along. The final idea then came together about two and a half weeks before TRSAC, where it was shown.

Key Fob Drive 2013.04.05

This group would love to continue giving out these key fobs for free. Unfortunately, making these key fobs isn't costless. There's no need to donate as the fobs will happen anyway, but if you got one and would like to help out or just like the idea, a few spare dollars or euros would help defray costs. (Save large donations for parties.) The designs will be the same.

Soundless screenshot Pouet Unpacked source Live (Party ver.)

Soundless 2013.03.29

First demo release! A 3.8k browser intro using minimal JavaScript to create all the elements used by the CSS that performs the animation and 3D transformation magic. The code is all packed in to an PNG image to compress it and uses a small bootstrap to unpack it.

The name is intended to lampshade the demo's lack of a soundtrack. Offers have been made via Nectarine to help provide a soundtrack for the next release. Something in-house might be hacked together before then, though.

Needs Firefox 16+ until further notice, as support in other browsers for 3D transforms or such transforms used with animations is incomplete in some manner yet.

Revision key fob

Revision Key Fobs 2013.03.29

These key fobs with the Revision logo were passed out at Revision 2013. They're laser-cut from plywood. Both sides had the same design. Figured this as-yet one-man demogroup should officially take credit for more than just a single release to get started.

People really seemed to like them, especially the organizers. Sorry to any organizers who didn't get one. Only about 45 were made in total. They may return at a future Revision party with a slightly different design, but that remains to be seen.

These will never be given away outside of the party. "You have to be [there] to get one."

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